Monday, 25 May 2009

Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall, 27 years old American designer from Portland, Ore.
I wanted to make a post about her a long time ago. She is a winner of last season of Project Runway. I fall in love in her design during the show, so organic in shape and very modern clothes. She prefers minimalism, but her “petal details” made her designs stand out during season 5. Her winning collection, show at Bryant Park, impressed me so much that I wish I could have at least one of her pieces in my collection. Leanne showed a wave-inspired collection draped in large panels of white, cream and shades of turquoise. Clothes rippled like waves of water when the models walked. First time I have seen such a cohesive and beautiful collection. The colors were sublime and mature and the silhouettes were architecturally contemporary. Amazing!

Leanne’s inspiration:
When you were creating this collection you said waves and water were your inspiration, which is evident. Can you talk a little bit more about the inspiration and what made you decide to use sustainable fabrics?
I went down by the waterfront in Portland and got inspired there and started just coming up with these patterns. As far as the sustainable fabrics…it’s something that I’m a big supporter of and I’ve used sustainable fabrics for a while and I really wanted to make sure that I had at least half sustainable textiles in my collection. But I still wanted to make sure that, you know — we were given eight thousand dollars to do this collection — I wanted to mix in some really high end fabrics which have color because sustainable textiles tend to be neutral toned. more at :

Video from the show!Check it!

Two of my favourite pieces: beige skirt and white wedding dress! Fabulous!!



Unfortunately, we are not able to buy any of her pieces. All of them were auctioned off, and designers from Project Runaway are not allowed to re-create any of them. They are all meant to be one-of-a-kind for the show. But thanks good high-street shops can copy them. I have seen in few shops like Reiss and H&M skirts, which are a copy of Leanne's turquoise skirt. It will never be the same quality and shape but always something to cheer us up!
Example Reiss, costs 89 Pounds


Leanne Marshall official site:


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