Friday, 22 May 2009


Alexander McQueen's futuristic a pair of leggings in his kaleidescopic print this is something that real "fashionistas" must have!
By, by boring black leggings.
BTW I was never a fan of leggings, I have got one pair (long,in black colour) but I have never wear them. I hate to wear the same what 99% of girls on the streets. So probably, I will start to wear leggings probably in few years, when they will be totally out of fashion. I just can not stand badly looking girls, with to short legs, and few pounds more, wearing them to skimpy skirts or shirts, yakh! They look good with oversized belted tops, tunics, dresses, etc. Never with small tight tops.
But the new trend - futuristic patterns on leggings is attracting me very much.:)

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